Sustainability and Traceability

Our commitment to sustainable agriculture is entwined with traceability. We deeply value the connection between responsible farming and environmental well-being.

Our approach integrates sustainable practices, reduced chemical usage, and biodiversity preservation, ensuring top-quality, traceable products for a greener future.

Serendib Traceability System

Serendib’s Traceability System is an in-house app, a comprehensive database integrating suppliers, farms, and processors. With a single click, it offers complete product traceability, showcasing our commitment to transparency and quality control through our traceability system.

Sustainability Efforts in the Community

Serendib Ingredients is committed to community sustainability. We engage in eco-conscious practices, support local initiatives, and prioritise responsible sourcing. Our efforts empower communities and promote environmental stewardship, ensuring a better future for all.

Regenerative Farming

Serendib Ingredients embraces regenerative farming, an eco-conscious practice that rejuvenates our land.

We prioritise sustainable methods such as crop rotation, cover cropping, and minimal chemical use to enhance soil vitality and promote biodiversity. Our commitment to regenerative farming ensures a sustainable future.

Living Wages

At Serendib Ingredients, we uphold the principle of paying living wages to our workforce. This practice ensures that our employees can meet their basic needs and lead fulfilling lives, promoting fair compensation and social equity in our community.

Join Us On Our Journey

Join us in our global commitment to source, produce, and deliver the finest botanical raw materials, cultivated through sustainable practices and technological innovation.

Our Certifications

Traceability of Farms

Serendib Ingredients cultivates premium botanicals using advanced technology to ensure accurate tracking and the production of transparent, high-quality products.

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