Serendib Ingredients is dedicated to regenerative farming practices, nurturing strong bonds with farming communities while upholding sustainability and ethical cultivation. Bees are essential contributors to our farm biodiversity and our team of expert agronomists, assisted by junior agronomists, upholds the highest agricultural standards.

Geolocations of Our Farms

Our farms span across Sri Lanka and the Pan-African regions of Egypt, Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda, strategically located to produce the finest botanical raw materials for diverse industries.

Traceability of Farms

Prioritising farm-to-table traceability, we cultivate botanical ingredients using advanced technology and stringent quality control, allowing us to monitor every stage of production. This ensures precise ingredient tracking, delivering transparent, high-quality botanical products—an evident testimony of our commitment to transparency.


Beekeeping, or apiculture plays a vital role in our regenerative farming practices. Bees actively support pollination and the overall biodiversity of our farms. Their presence is a testament to our commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural practices.

Expert Agronomists

At Serendib Ingredients, our team of expert agronomists leads the way in sustainable farming practices. Their expertise ensures the highest quality botanical raw materials are produced and sourced for our diverse industries.


Our unwavering commitment to sustainability drives us to produce and source botanicals worldwide with complete transparency, ensuring the highest product quality.

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