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Founded in Sri Lanka and now globally established, Serendib Ingredients produces the finest botanical ingredients, prioritising trust, traceability, sustainability, and community empowerment.




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Discover the essence of nature within our botanical range.

Botanical Raw Materials and Powders 373x480 (1)

Botanical Raw Materials and Powders

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Flavours & Botanical Extractions 373x480

Flavours & Botanical Extractions

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Nutritional Botanicals for Animals 373x480

Nutritional Botanicals for Animals

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Globally Connected Excellence

Our Global Presence

Globally Connected Excellence

Originating in Sri Lanka, Serendib Ingredients has gone on to establish a global footprint, with farms and production facilities in Sri Lanka, Egypt, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, and distribution in Germany, the UK, Canada, the US, the Gulf region.


Rooted in Sustainability and Traceability


Serendib Ingredients stands firm in its commitment to the environment, community development, responsible practices, and ethical sourcing and production.
Our global botanical production and sourcing ensure transparency, enabling us to deliver the highest product quality and give back to the community.

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