At Serendib Ingredients, our range of botanical offerings comprises a diverse spectrum of herbs. Renowned for their rich flavours and therapeutic qualities, these natural ingredients cater to the requirements of the food and beverage, tea, and health and wellness industries.

Serendib ingredients Herbs Chamomile 580x320


Chamomile offers sweet, floral notes and is commonly used in teas, desserts, and cocktails for relaxation and digestive support.



Recognised for its vibrant colour and sweet and tart flavour, Hibiscus is used in teas, beverages, and food to offer potential health benefits.

Serendib ingredients Herbs Lemon Grass Wooden board with green onion 580x320


With its citrusy zest, Lemongrass provides a refreshing flavour to the food and beverage industry.

Serendib ingredients Herbs Peppermint 580x320


Peppermint adds a refreshing minty touch to various food and beverage items such as teas, confectionery, and savoury dishes, contributing a cool essence.

Serendib ingredients Herbs Top view of star anise spice 580x320


Anise brings a sweet flavour to the food and beverage industry and is similar in taste to licorice.

Serendib ingredients Herbs Caraway 580x320 (1)


Caraway imparts a warm, nutty flavour with potential digestive properties in the food and beverage sector.

Serendib ingredients Herbs Spearmint Fresh organic mint in the garden 580x320


Renowned for it sweet minty flavour, Spearmint is used for culinary purposes.

Serendib ingredients Herbs Thyme 580x320


An aromatic herb,Thyme adds earthy notes to culinary dishes and is known for its potential health benefits.

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