Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Serendib Ingredients is a vital contributor to the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Our high-quality botanical raw materials are harnessed to derive essential compounds for medicinal and cosmetic purposes.

Serendib ingredients Herbs Chamomile 580x320


Chamomile, with anti-inflammatory properties, addresses skin redness and acne, soothes hay fever, muscle spasms, and digestive issues, and promotes restful sleep.

Hibiscus 320x200


Hibiscus, renowned for moisturising and soothing properties, enhances skin hydration and texture. Additionally, it aids digestion, relieves colds, and reduces inflammation.

Serendib ingredients Herbs Peppermint 580x320


Peppermint (Mentha Piperita Oil) cools and soothes skin in cosmetics. It flavours foods, pharmaceuticals, and eases joint and muscle pain.

Serendib ingredients Herbs Spearmint Fresh organic mint in the garden 580x320


Spearmint, with astringent and antiseptic properties, benefits skin care. It aids digestion, hormone balance, memory, and may lower blood pressure.

Serendib ingredients Herbs Lemon Grass Wooden board with green onion 580x320


Lemongrass, known for its pleasant scent and antiseptic properties, enhances skincare and treats various ailments, providing anti-inflammatory and analgesic benefits.

Calendula 320x200


Calendula, known for acne and irritation relief, is used in tinctures and ointments to treat burns, bruises, cuts, and prevent radiation-induced dermatitis.

Fennel Seeds 320x200


Fennel promotes glowing, younger-looking skin through its vitamin-rich properties. It aids in treating acne and improving skin texture. It's also beneficial for digestive and urinary health.

Serendib ingredients Herbs Top view of star anise spice 580x320


Anise aids digestion, relieves upset stomach and gas, and is used as an expectorant. It also functions as an appetite stimulant and analgesic in migraines.

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